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TGWA 2014 Annual Convention January 29–31, 2014, Overton Hotel and Lubbock Memorial Civic Center, Lubbock, TX

Convention Program (tentative, updated 12/15/2012)

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Proposed TGWA By-Laws Update

The TGWA Board requests the approval of the membership to increase the number of Directors to twenty-one (21) due to increased activities. More details in this PDF: By-laws update info

No Plainview CE Classes in February 2014

The Panhandle/South Plains Chapter of the TGWA does not plan to conduct classes in Plainview, Texas as usual in February due to the 2014 TGWA Annual Convention & Trade Show and C. E. classes being held in Lubbock on January 29-31, 2014.

If you have attended the C. E. classes in Plainview, Texas in February in the past, we urge you to attend the C. E. classes at the Trade Show and Convention. You can obtain all four (4) hours of needed certification in one day or throughout the show. In addition, you may also obtain one (1) hour of C. E. credit by visiting and reviewing the exhibits on Wednesday, January 29, 2014 or Thursday, January 30, 2014.

Come to the Convention & Trade Show and see the latest innovations, technology & equipment utilized by the water well and groundwater industry and visit with your peers, friends and competitors.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and assistance.

Gicon Pumps & Equipment's Third Annual Gold Fish Races

For the third year in a row, Gicon Pumps & Equipment is hosting its annual Gold Fish Racing Tournament at the Texas Groundwater Association Show in Lubbock, Texas. Just what exactly is a Gold Fish Race you ask?

Just as any race requires a track, competitors and a finish line, Gold Fish Racing isn't all that different. It starts with some clear tubes filled with water, otherwise known as the racing track, two determined racers, or gold fish, some straws, and a few healthy sets of lungs provided by the sponsors. Throw in some cheering fans, along with some prize money, and you have an atmosphere ripe for excitement.

The idea of the race is to have one competitor's gold fish cross the finish line before their opponent's. The only allowed method to get the fish to move down the track is by blowing bubbles through a straw behind the fish. The harmless bubbles act as a motivator for the fish, and off they go down the track. No touching, mistreating or bribing the fish is allowed competitors will be disqualified. No pit stops, although there might be some 'blow outs" if someone runs out of breath. If this happens, a 'blow jockey" can substitute for the exhausted sponsor.

During the Texas Ground Water Association Show, 25 gold fish will be silently auctioned off at the Gicon Pumps & Equipment booth. All bids will close when the show is over on Wednesday. Additionally, five 'celebrity" fish will be auctioned off during the Texas Ground Water Association Scholarship auction and the winning bids of the 25 other fish will also be announced. Despite being a lot of fun, the races will be for a good cause. Money will go to the Texas Ground Water Association Scholarship fund which provides scholarships to young people of members and others to help further their education.

As always, races need an animated personality to announce the racing action and Mr. Burton Shepherd of Gicon Pumps & Equipment will serve as Master of Ceremonies. Mr. Shepherd always comes up with the names of the fish every year, and has helped christen such racing favorites as: Lance 'Finstrong", Rick 'Herring", Roger 'Swimmins", 'Goldbama", and 'Navy" Crockett. When questioned about which famous fish participants will be showing up this year, he said, 'it is always a guessing game as to which names are chosen because it really depends on any famous people that are in the news at the time that could have an 'aquatic" nickname we could give to the fish. Only time will tell what racers will 'surface" this time around." Every fish even has an interesting and funny biography to help bidders choose which fish they want. Burton always provides lively commentary and announces the racing action as it unfolds and is sure to entertain spectators young and old.

Bobette Neely Naylor of Neely Water Well Service always buys the most fish every year. She bought over a dozen fish the previous year and she states that the races are the 'most fun that they have at the show and everyone looks forward to it all year." She also says the she doesn't care whether she wins or loses because it is 'just a blast". Despite the thrill of the race itself, her main motivation for attending the event is supporting the scholarship fund.

Mr. Leroy Goodson of the TGWA says that the previous Gold Fish races raised approximately $20,000 the last two years. Last year exceeded the first year as far as fundraising, and the gold fish are selling for more and more money every year. When asked what the Gold Fish races mean for the TGWA Goodson stated, 'it is an unencumbered contribution to the TGWA Scholarship fund that provides money to the kids and grandkids of members. It is a fantastic event that anyone can participate in and is always a lot of fun for a good cause."

If you are curious about what Gold Fish Racing is all about, or if you are a seasoned competitor, you are encouraged to stop by the Sunset Room at the Overton Hotel immediately following the TGWA Scholarship auction and join the fun. Food and drinks will be provided.