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The first TGWA newsletter was published in 1955. It was originally called the Water Well Log until 1963 when the name changed to The Fountainhead. Over the years, The Fountainhead has provided news and featured groundwater professionals from across the state for 54 years. The Fountainhead is mailed to TGWA members quarterly and archived here in .pdf format. 

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 2017 Third Quarter
Second Quarter 

First Quarter


The Fountainhead has won several awards and recognition and readership has grown tremendously. We look forward to ongoing success, and we truly understand for some of you, it is done with love and concern in your heart for the profession and the Association. We appreciate you greatly and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your dedication and support. It is individuals like you that make this Association one of the best in the nation. It has allowed us to print the newsletter in color and to also saddle-stitch it for easier reading and mailing.

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