b'Texas Ground Water AssociationAffiliate of the National Ground Water Association2nd Quarter - Summer 2023Legislative Wrap-upTexas 88th Legislative Session Wrap up Setting Personal By BOBBY BAZAN,TGWA QuotasComing into the 88th sessionFinding the goals that of the State Legislature with amotivate staff members is $33 billion surplus, it figured tothe key to them achieving be a busy session for big-moneysuccessitems like education, property taxes, and infrastructure. WhileBy CAROLE MAHONEY, Unbound Growtheducation and property taxesReprinted from Water Well Journal courtesy are yet to be resolved betweenthe National Ground Water Association. the House and Senate andCopyright 2023.have already led to one specialHow do we keep our teams session, infrastructure and, moremotivated and accountable is a importantly, water infrastructurequestion we often ask ourselves is in line to receive a much- as business owners. But when needed financial boost with thetimes are tough, it can seem passage of Senate Bill (S.B.) 28. almost impossible to do. S.B. 28 creates the TexasIt may seem like everyone Water Fund as an overarchingPhoto Credit: The Lyda Hill Texas Collection ofis pessimistic about the future umbrella fund from which thePhotographs in Carol M. Highsmiths Americaright now, which is why guiding Texas Water Development BoardProject, Library of Congress, Prints andyour staff members to identify (TWDB) can transfer moneyPhotographs Division. and share their personal goals is to new and established waterconservation strategies, andall that much more important. programs, such as the Statewater loss mitigation projects. Did you know that data from Water Infrastructure Fund forThe New Water Supply fortwo million sales professionals Texas, the Rural Water AssistanceTexas Fund aims to financeshowed that those with personal Fund, and a new program calledprojects leading to seven milliongoals written down, shared with the New Water Supply for Texasacre-feet of new water suppliesothers, and held accountable Fund. The bill requires a portionby December 31, 2033. Eligiblemade those salespeople 298% of the money to be used fornew water projects under thismore likely to be top salespeople? water infrastructure projects inprogram include desalinationThat is the best of the best. rural political subdivisions andprojects, produced waterBut how do you get your municipalities with a populationtreatment projects, and aquiferteams to even think about of less than 150,000, permit-readystorage and recovery projects. their personal goals when projects, the statewide waterthey are feeling negative public awareness program, waterabout future possibilities? See Legislature, page 4 See Personal Quotas, page 9MORE IN THIS ISSUE:Danny Daniel retires - Pg 7 Women in Water - Pg 11Prevent heat illness - Pg 10 POSGCD launches new tool - Pg 12'