b'Texas Ground Water AssociationAffiliate of the National Ground Water Association3rd Quarter - Fall 2023Scholarship SpotlightCongratulations to the 2023-2024 TGWAProtecting Margins Scholarship Foundation Award Recipients. and Generating By BOBBY BAZAN,TGWA RevenueWatching margins is critical to ensure your equipment is always running.By WILLIAM WAGNER, Wagner CommunicationsReprinted from Water Well Journal courtesy the National Ground Water Association. Pictured above are the 2023-2024 TGWA Scholarship Foundation Top-Four Award Recipients.Copyright 2023.(Left to right): Madalene Spencer, Emily Schmuck, Retha LaForge, and Reese Wieck. In challenging economic times During the July meeting, theFor over 30 years, TGWA haslike these, its more important TGWA Scholarship Foundationprovided hundreds of studentsthan ever for water well drilling Board awarded over $25,000 inacross Texas with collegiatecompanies to cast an eagle eye scholarships to 32 applicantsscholarships. Established inon protecting their margins and from across the state. This2018, the TGWA Scholarshipmaintaining their equipment.years applicants were uniquelyFoundation is a 501(c)(3)Wherever you are [on the impressive and made selectingcharitable organization created tospectrum of company size], its awards difficult. After the scoringfurther the mission of the Texassuper important that you put of applicants, four applicantsGround Water Association bymoney aside to maintain the stood out amongst the group.awarding scholarships to Texasvalue of your assets and keep Congratulations to Madaleneundergraduate students whoyour productivity at as high Spencer from DeLeon, TX, Emilyhave a background or interesta level as possible, says Jeff Schmuck from Houston, TX,in groundwater and the waterWilliams, MGWC, CVCLD, Retha LaForge from Midland,well drilling industry. Eligibilitypresident of Spafford and Sons TX, and Reese Wieck fromis open to students residing inWater Wells in Jericho, Vermont.Dalhart, TX, for being scored asTexas who are enrolled for atThis can be an especially the Top-Four applicants. Wedleast 12 credit hours a semesterdifficult proposition at times for smaller companies, which also like to commend all of theas an undergraduate at antypically have limited cash flow scholarship recipients. See all theinstitution of higher learning.and might possess only one rig.2023-2024 Scholarship RecipientsThe Foundation acceptsThe bigger the company on page 11 or visit our websitescholarship applications betweenis, the easier it is to allocate at www.tgw.org/scholarship.May 15 and June 30 every year. resources on a consistent basis to replacement assets, says Williams, the National MORE IN THIS ISSUE: Ground Water Association NGWA celebrates 75 years - Pg 7 Scholarship recipients - Pg 11Highlight of Prop 6 - Pg 10 TDLR Proposed Rules - Pg 15 See Generating Revenue, page 4'