Bylaw Changes and New Board Structure Proposed for August TGWA Meetings 

Last year, TGWA staff reported to the TGWA Boards of Directors that the lack of proper overarching governing board bylaws presented significant organizational, insurance, and legal risks to the Association. In response, the Division presidents created a Bylaws Committee, chaired by Bob Hill, to propose new bylaws and a new TGWA Board structure that would ensure compliance with the Association’s Articles of Incorporation and insurance policies. The TGWA Division Boards adopted the Bylaws Committee’s recommendations at their March 9th meeting. 

See the Proposed TGWA Bylaws

Highlights of the Proposed Bylaws, Including the TGWA Board. The proposed bylaws combine concepts from current TGWA operations, the TGWA division bylaws, NGWA bylaws, and other sample association bylaws, and will simplify the governance of TGWA and give the board more flexibility in how it operates. The proposed bylaws provide for a large board, consistent with our current board structure, with a strong executive committee, providing broad opportunity for involvement of all divisions as well as efficiency in decision making for the Association. Divisions will still exist and will elect a chair and vice-chair to manage division affairs, meeting as needed to discuss division-specific topics. 
Next Steps. Members of the Association must vote to approve the proposed bylaws at the Annual Convention for the bylaws to go into effect. Once adopted, the divisions will elect board members, and then the board will meet to elect officers. 

Draft Board & Division Structure


Why does TGWA have to amend its bylaws? 
Currently, TGWA has three separate boards of directors rather than one comprehensive board charged with managing the business affairs of the association, such as the annual budget, financial review, contractual obligations, and the convention. Board actions could be conflicting and might not be covered by the Association’s insurance policies, putting board members at risk. This effort merely aligns board decisions with legal and insurance requirements, while leaving the greatest amount of flexibility for the divisions to be active and continue discussing matters unique to each membership group. In practice, the only visible change will be the addition of a fourth quarterly meeting to conduct the Association’s business with all board members in attendance. The committee drafted the new bylaws with flexibility in mind, and the Association can make changes in the future as members determine what works best moving forward. 

How will the proposed board differ from the current board? 

The proposed board includes the same number of positions from each division as the division boards have now. In many ways, the proposed board simply consolidates all three division boards, which ensures the same opportunities for board membership as exists now. 

How will the changes impact divisions? 

Divisions will be led by a chair and vice-chair, instead of a full board. Each division will elect representatives to the TGWA board.  Divisions will still meet, provide updates, and discuss issues specific to their division membership. 

How can I participate in TGWA? 

Members of TGWA can participate by serving on a committee or running for a leadership position in a committee, division, or the association board. All of the same responsibilities and activities that TGWA engages in now will continue. TGWA welcomes active, motivated members to engage with TGWA to keep the association going strong. 


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